Sound Off!

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From left, Avah Girges, Brannon Warn-Johnston and Julia Yi. Photo: Nate Watters Photography.

Feb. 24, 2024

MoPOP’s Sound Off! Showcase #2 was about young musicians from various genres learning from one another and having a performance experience at Sky Church at the Museum of Pop Culture at the base of Seattle’s Space Needle.

Saturday’s Showcase included lyricist Sophia Soshana, jazz/gospel group Joint Souls, alt pop musician Mason Derleth and his band, and Brannon Warn-Johnston performing with cellist Avah Girges and violinist Julia Yi

The youth chamber music performance included several of Brannon’s compositions. More here. To read more about the other musicians and the event click here. Members of the bands introduce themselves here. A special invitation from Brannon, Avah and Julia is here.

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