Seattle Symphony Young Composers Workshop Documentary: Follow the journey of five teenage composers as they develop original works to be performed by the Seattle Symphony. Filmed over the course of one year, hear the stories behind the music and discover the challenges of writing for a full orchestra. Listen here.

Misty Oasis in Scorching Heat by Brannon Warn-Johnston: May 18 2023, premiere, Benaroya Hall, Seattle Symphony, conductor Sunny Xia. Listen here.

Seascape by Brannon Warn-Johnston: April 16th 2023, Benaroya Hall, Brannon Warn-Johnston violin 1, Jeanne Park violin 2, Vea Freeman cello. Watch on YouTube.

Bach Violin Concerto in A Minor, 1. Allegro Moderato: Brannon Warn-Johnston violin, Allyson Kramer piano, recorded by Kenny Kramer. Watch on Vimeo.

Springtime Frogs by Brannon Warn-Johnston: October 7th 2023, Nina Iorik piano, Brannon Warn-Johnston violin. Watch on YouTube.

Springtime Frogs by Brannon Warn-Johnston: June 4th 2022, Symphony Tacoma, conductor Sarah Ioannides, starting at 9:20 into the video. Watch on YouTube.

Springtime Frogs by Brannon Warn-Johnston: Rachel Nesvig violin, Jake Sele piano.
Watch on YouTube.

Symphony Tacoma Eternal Light 2.0, Behind the Scenes:
Watch at YouTube.